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"And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to the prayers." -Acts 2:42

Whether you've been at Sierra Grace since the beginning or never been at all... whether you've got young children or no children, 242 is for EVERYONE!
Dinner is at 5:30pm, donation of $5/person or $10/family
Classes start at 6:30pm and will be completed by 7:45pm
Fall Term Starts September 12, 2017


Don't make me count to threeJoy Lindbloom

Parenthood is truly one of the greatest blessings! With this blessing comes a great responsibility to; teach, encourage, correct, and train your children. Come learn how to apply the Scriptures in a practical way so you can reach deeper than the outward behavior of your children and into the issues of their hearts.

Financial Planning - Natalie Litchifield

Boost your financial confidence and learn how to make informed decisions about your money. We will be covering many topics such as BudgetingInvestingEstate Planning and Wealth Protection. Discover what it means to be wise with money.

Jesus and the Gospels - David Nystrom

The Gospels are some of the beloved books of scripture and the most direct accounts of Jesus. In this class we will explore what What the Gospels are, why there are four and what the theology and character of each one is.

Reel Spirituality - Todd Cleek and Friends

‘Many of today’s best theologians are making movies’ -Paul Stevens
In this class we will look at the Biblical story and movies side by side as we 
strive to live God-centered lives that thrive on being in, but not of, the world.  We’ll look at contemporary and classic movies, examining their messages while we work together towards a faithful response.

For the love of Pinterest - Becky Straks

In this class we will do a simple Pinterest inspired craft each week. This is the perfect time to come relax, craft and create while fellowship with friends.

A Kid’s program & nursery care will also be available during classes