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Community Life

We are reading through the New Testament as a church beginning March 1 and ending at Easter. We are doing so through the Community Bible Experience. You can pick up a copy of the reformatted New Testament in the Sanctuary on Sundays. Read and get together with you family, a friend or two, or join a small group and discuss what God is revealing to you through it all.

You can also access the ebook and audio versions here.

For the Sierra Grace reading schedule, click here

For a downloadable small group list, click here.

Below is a list of small groups:


Leader(s): Jeremy and Anne Beaumont
Phone: 530-863-9082
Email: Jeremymbeaumont@gmail.com
Start Date: Ongoing
Audience: Anyone
Location:  140 Walker Dr. Auburn
Date|Time: Every Thursday at 6:00
Kids? Yes, but call first

Leader(s): Bryan and Rachel Hehr
Phone: 719-210-5955; 719-659-2351
Email: bryan@sierragrace.org (Bryan)
Start Date: 10/12
Audience: Everyone
Location: 2894 Shanley Rd.
Day|Time: Every Sunday 6:00PM
Kids? Yes
Leader(s):  Wally and Corolyn Cable
Phone: 530-368-6032
Email: wallyandcorolyn.cable@gmail.com
Start Date: On-going
Audience: Anyone
Location: 26080 Green Acres, Colfax
Date|Time: Every Thursday 6:00PM
Kids? No

Leader(s): Mike and Lysa Wilson
Phone: 503-581-8702
Email: mikelysawilson@gmail.com
Start Date: October 9
Audience: Anyone
Location: 155 oakwood Dr.
Date|Time: Every Sunday 5:45PM
Kids? No, but we meet during AWANA

Title: Seniors Lunch
Leader(s): Bob and Jennifer Owens
Phone: 530-305-9832
Email: rcjjowens@gmail.com
Start Date: September 21
Audience: Anyone over 70
Location: Sierra Grace Fellowship (Fellowship Hall)
Date|Time: 3 Wednesday of the month 11:30AM (Lunch Provided)
Kids? No

Title: Sunday Morning
Leader(s): Ben Brown
Phone: 530-878-0257
Email: benandcarolbrown@gmail.com
Start Date: on-going
Audience: Everyone
Location: Sierra Grace Fellowship (Fellowship Hall)
Date|Time: Every Sunday, 9:00AM
Kids? Children’s ministry

Women’s Groups

Leader(s): Tammy Cleek and Chrissy Agee
Phone: 530-878-0879 (Tammy)
Email: tammy@cleeks.net; ms.libro@gmail.com
Start Date: Oct 13
Audience: Women (all ages)
Location: Starbucks- Auburn Ravine Rd.
Date|Time: Every Thursday 7:30PM
Kids? Little ones

Leader(s): Kathy Oates
Phone: 530-878-8945
Email: globalkathy@gmail.com
Start Date: On-going
Audience: Women (all ages)
Location: 2740 Sunrise Dr., Meadow Vista
Date|Time: Every Tuesday 9-11AM
Kids? Yes, but call first

Leader(s): Pam Tweet
Phone: 530-823-0802
Email: russandpam71@att.net
Start Date: Ongoing
Audience: Women
Location: Sierra Grace Youth Room
Date|Time: Every Wednesday 6:00AM
Kids? No
Leader(s): Michelle Booth and Lorita Riedel
Phone: 530-383-5917 (Michelle) | 530-637-4813 (Lorita)
Email: lori6ron@gmail.com
Start Date: Ongoing
Audience: Women
Location: 175 Electric St. 
Date|Time: Every Sunday 9:00-10:00AM
Kids? Meets during first service

Men’s Groups

Leader(s): Gary Greenacre and Bob Owen
Phone: 530-320-4131
Email: ggreenacre@wavecable.com
Start Date: September 21
Audience: Men (all ages)
Location: Sierra Grace Fellowship- Fellowship Hall
Date|Time: Wednesdays 6:00AM
Kids? No

Leader(s): Russ Tweet
Phone: 530-823-0802
Email: russtweet@gmail.com
Start Date: On-going
Audience: Men (all ages)
Location: 1275 Matson Drive
Date|Time: Every Wednesday 6:30AM
Kids? No

Leader(s): Bob Burton
Phone: 530-305-0528
Email: bobburtongroup@yahoo.com
Start Date: Ongoing
Audience: Men (all ages)
Location: 11601 Blocker Drive, Auburn
Date|Time: Every Thursday 6:30AM
Kids? No