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High School Winter Camp 2018

Fall Frenzy at Mount Hermon is right where you need to be. This is a weekend that will spur on your inner crazy and bring it to the forefront. Come to Mount Hermon and experience all that you are and have the potential to be. Engage in killer worship, be challenged by “down to earth,” “I understand what you're saying” speakers, deepen relationships with your friends or other people in your youth group, and have that conversation with Jesus you've been meaning to have in a place unlike any other in the world.

Meet at Sierra Grace at 1:00 pm on Friday the 9th! We will return around 5 pm at SGF on Sunday the 11th!


Second. Once you get the registration code from David, use it on the Mount Hermon registration page which David will direct you to. 

Parents, please feel free to reach out to David if Money is keeping your student from attending! Thank You!!

What: Winter Camp 2018

Where: Mount Hermon, Santa Cruz CA

When: Friday, November 9th - Sunday, Novemember 11th, 2018

Cost: $150 per student