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So what makes Sierra Grace unique? This is an important question to answer  and its not so much explain how we are different from other churches; rather it is to help explain why these distinctives happen the way they do and help you understand our community better. We recently preached a five week series explaining some of the DNA of Sierra Grace. Below is a short synopsis and it's linked to where you can listen to the full sermon. We hope that this will help you understand more about who we are and how Sierra Grace functions as a body.
Jesus Centered and Word Based
We are unapologetic about being Jesus centered. We believe that he was both God and man and that he came to earth, lived, died and rose again for the forgiveness of sins and redemption of the world. And we believe that changes everything for us. At Sierra Grace, we center our lives around Jesus and the Holy Bible, gives us the clearest picture and is the final authority on how God reveals himself and what that means for us. The Scriptures are massively important for us, but only in the sense that they point us to God through Jesus Christ.

Empowered Ministry
We believe in the priesthood of all believers and the empowerment and participation of all believers in the work of ministry (1 Peter 2 and Ephesians 4). God has given each of us gifts to use for the building up the church. Really He has indwelt us with His Holy Spirit. This why you see a variety of preachers at Sierra Grace and many different ministries. These ministries have arisen from God leading someone to have an idea and coming to the leadership. Our goal is to support and resource those ideas.
Ever wonder why he have kids participate in the worship with us? Or why there is such a diversity of ages in the church? Its because we value all ages and believe that God is working powerfully in each and that we grow best when we engage people of different ages and walks of life. Multigenerational can also be messy at times. The new testament frequently refers to us as a family and like our own families, it can be both rich and trying, but this is where God does his best work.

Community oriented
God calls us to live life together as the people he's transforming to live and to live like Jesus. He has given us each other
as gifts to care for, enjoy, serve, forgive and encourage. In this way we grow together in unity and maturity as the body of Christ. We operate more by relationships than strategies and visions.
Elder Led
First it must be said that Jesus is the Head! This may be the most emphasized aspect of leadership in the New Testament. But God has given local churches elders to do three main things: protect, teach and model. Since Jesus is the head, any leadership in the church should be a humble leadership. We also believe that protecting, teaching and modeling is done best by a group rather than one or two individuals. This is why you see so many different people leading prayer or preaching.