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Guatemala Ministry

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:  to look after orphans and widows in their distress…”  James 1:27

Guatemala Mission Trip 2018

Our team of college students and beyond will be traveling to Zacapa for one week and Xela for the other. Our church, Sierra Grace Fellowship, has missionaries who work with Guatemalan government orphanages, in Xela for girls, teenagers and their babies who have come out of sexually abused or broken situations, and in Zacapa for children, infants to twelve-year-olds.  We will have the blessing of getting to share the love of Christ with these children during our time there as well as to experience the culture and build relationships with the people we come into contact with.
Looking to contribute financially to our missions trip?

Guatemala Newsletter
To many of you who contribute or are thinking of contributing to the SGF Guatemala ministry, we thought it would be helpful to give a brief summary of the who, what and where of the five programs of the ministry. All of which are made possible through your prayers, faithful support, and generous donations.

Zacapa Government Home

Jacobo, Betty, and Aguilar and their adult children, nurture approximately 125 children, ages infants to 6 years old who have been placed in the Guatemalan government home due to neglect, abuse or extreme poverty, the Aguilars bring the children by groups to
spend each day at their home where they enjoy a Christian family setting: learning about Jesus, singing, doing art projects, enjoying homemade food, and playing in the wading pool. The Aguilars also spend a lot of their time at the government home with the babies as well as having special activities, Saturday outings, and Sunday church-singing praises and learning more about Jesus.

Xela Government Home

Josias and Candy Aguilar reach out to approximately 100 abused and pregnant girls age 7 to 17, and the girls' babies. The ministry offers a path of following Jesus and forgiving their abusers. At Josias's home, the girls learn to be good mom's, cook, sew, do art projects, play and experience Jesus's love on a daily basis. Josias and candy also have many activities at the government home as well as take the girls to church on Sunday

SGF Christian School

Is located on the first floor of Residence building where Sara Colop, with the help of Vicky and Acsa, teach about the love of the lord basic reading, writing, and math, as well as living skills to the teenage moms who live in the Xela government home.

The residence (in Xela-built from the funding of SGF Guatemala ministry)
The top two floors continue to be the home of children who once lived in the government homes, although most have gone on to live their adult lives. Pastor German and Vicky Aguilar have raised and are raising these children as their own. The residence is also used for the Sunday school classrooms of pastor German's Church.

Zacapa and Xela Sponsorship Program

There are currently 42 children who are being sponsored by their individual sponsors at $30 per month. The children come from homes of extreme poverty and, in most cases, live with a widowed or single mother. The sponsor's giving allows for food for the family, clothing, and school supplies for the children. The parent commits to taking their child to church and seeing that they are attending school. There are more children in need of a sponsor.

The Sierra Grace Fellowship Guatemala ministry is completely dependent upon your prayers, gifts, and financial support. All contributions for helping the children come from individual giving.

The ministry does not review money from SGF's general fund. To make a donation, please make your check m or bank draft payable to SGF and please be sure to put "Guatemala" on the memo line. You may also give online through the SGF website and designate you are giving to the Guatemalan ministry.

Sierra Grace Fellowship Guatemala Ministry
1260 Wesley Lane, Auburn, CA 95603