About Us

Who We Are

Sierra Grace is a family of believers who believe the Bible is true, Jesus Christ is our King, and our mission is to spread the good news that Jesus promises forgiveness and eternal life to anyone who places their faith in him.

We're a small but growing non-denominational church with a lot going on: ministries for every age, missionaries around the world, Bible studies during the week, tons of fellowship, and plenty of opportunities to get connected and grow in your relationship with Christ.

This year, Sierra Grace celebrates 25 years of ministry in the Auburn area, and we're excited for what God is doing in our church today!

Our Distinctives

Jesus uses a lot of different churches to reach a lot of different people! No two churches are identical. Here are some of our key distinctives.


One of our goals is to be steadfastly biblical in everything we do.  We let the Bible define our theology.  We let the Bible prescribe our leadership model (with biblically qualified elders and deacons).  You’ll see how much we care about the Bible on Sunday mornings, when the Bible is preached with clarity and relevance.


We believe everyone has sinned against God and faith in Jesus is the only way to be forgiven of those sins and saved from the punishment we deserve.  We also believe that it’s our job, as Christians, to tell people about that hope.  That’s our mission.  And it starts here in Auburn with our friends, family, and neighbors; and it extends to the ends of the earth.  We are a missional church, and you’ll notice it the first time you come visit us.


At SGF, there’s a strong sense of community.  We’re in this together. We want everyone to be involved, sharing responsibilities, equipping others, bearing one another’s burdens, and experiencing the life of the church as a family. One of the things you’ll notice is our pastor shares preaching responsibilities with other elders in our church. We’re truly a “priesthood of believers.”  We honor God and serve each other together.

Sunday Morning FAQs

Q: Where should I park?

A: If you’re visiting out church, we have some guest parking spaces in the front parking lot, right in front of the big “Sierra Grace Fellowship” sign.  If all the spaces are full in the front parking lot, we have a bigger parking lot behind the church.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Most of us dress pretty casually.  A three-piece suit will look a little out of place.

Q: What do you have for kids?

A: We have a kids ministry on Sunday mornings during the sermon.  If you arrive early on Sunday, you can go to the kids check-in station before the service starts and they’ll help you out.  At 10:30, our kids start with the adults in the main service and we send them to the kid classrooms before the sermon starts.

Q: What do you have for junior high and high schoolers?

A: Both our junior high and high school ministries have a midweek event that gives them significant opportunities to learn and grow together.  In addition, our junior highers leave the service on Sundays when we dismiss the kids to go to their classrooms.

Join and Worship with Us!

We meet at 10:30 AM every Sunday
1260 Wesley Ln, Auburn CA 95603

Guest Parking in the Front Lot in front of the "Sierra Grace Fellowship" sign.