"You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." -Acts 1:18

Whether here in Auburn or on the other side of the planet, our mission is to help people discover Jesus and become more and more like him.  That means supporting local schools and homeless shelters, regional college ministries, Bible translators, missionaries overseas, and sending people on missions today.


HEART is a Christian, faith-based humanitarian organization that focuses on empowering vulnerable women, children, and youth of Africa to thrive beyond HIV.

This September, SGF will be sending 5 people from our church (Russ and Pam Tweet, and Anne, Adam, and Mary Bond) to support HEART and the people they minister to in Kenya.


We send a short-term missions team to Mexico every year, where we do a week of Bible lessons and awesome activities for kids, get some construction done for local families, and provide support and encouragement for Pastor Jorge and our sister church in Ajusco.

Aguilar Family - Guatemala

We are blessed to provide 100% of the support for two full-time missionaries who minister to children in government homes (orphanages) in Guatemala.  Josias and Jacobo show the love of Christ and share the gospel to communities who are desperate for hope.  We get to send a small team to support them almost every year and our church sponsors over 70 kids in those communities.

Financial support for the Aguilars comes donations given to our church, designated for Guatemala.

Thompson Family - Compton

Patrick and Elizabeth Thompson serve with an organization called The Navigators, in Compton, California.  They do outreach for youth and young adults, helping them find Jesus and carve a path for the future.  Patrick grew up at Sierra Grace and we are blessed to partner with them in ministry.

Steven Mockford - Sacramento

Steven serves with Cru, working to reach and mobilize students at Sac State, the Los Rios Community Colleges, Sierra College, and William Jessup University. His ministry partners with local churches and functions as a launchpad for students to walk with Jesus and multiply their faith wherever they go next and for the rest of their lives. His team is committed to getting the gospel to every student on every campus in every nation.

Jackson Family - Wycliffe

Jason and Leslie joined Wycliffe in 2018 and serve the GTIS department in Web Development, supporting Wycliffe’s vision of the Bible being translated into every language that needs it by 2025.

Will you prayerfully consider partnering with their Wycliffe ministry through prayer and/or financial giving? Bible translation is a huge task, but together we can make it live for all peoples in their heart language!

Vazquez Family - Mexico

Jorge, his wife Maty, and their 5 children have been serving God by bringing the gospel to the people of Ajusco, Mexico and the surrounding migrant farms for many years.  They have also been faithfully partnering with SGF youth ministries for an annual Easter-week short-term mission trip for many years.

Lengtat Family - Czech Republic

Raymond and Breanna have been living and serving in the southern Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, with their three children, since 2013. Less than 1% of the CR are evangelical Christians, more than 70% are atheist, and there are so few churches you’d have trouble finding one even if you were trying. The Lengtats were members of Sierra Grace before feeling called to overseas missions and we’re thrilled to support them!

Lisbeth Piedrasanta - Guatemala

Over the last several years, our very own Lisbeth Piedrasanta has been ministering to the families who live under a bridge in Guatemala. We call it the “Bridge Ministry.” So far, God has allowed her to help 70 families find shelter, but more are in need. Every family hears the gospel and many are being discipled. Financial support for Lisbeth comes from gifts designated for the Bridge Ministry given to our church.

John Hallsted - Healthbridge

In 2012, Jon and Rebecca Hallsted launched Healthbridge Global out of a desire to minister to people’s needs, starting with their health. Their mission is to connect the beauty of healthcare to the hope of the gospel.